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S`hvitra Chikitsaa:


C.Chi.7, S.Chi.9, S.Chi10, A. H.Chi.20


It is called as Vitiligo or Leucoderma. (White discoloration of the Skin) S`hvitra is resultant of the vitiation of all the three Dosha Kusht`ha and S`hvitra are described together as both have common etiological factors and treatment also.


  1. Daarun`a
  2. Chaarun`a
  3. Kilaasa


If the hairs on the patch are not red, skin is white and thin, if it is of recent origin and if the space between the patches is elevated then it is considered as curable. In such cases the following treatment should be adopted.

Saamanya Chikitsaa:

  • All the formulations and measures prescribed for the treatment of Kusht`ha are also useful for the treatment of S`hvitra.
  • The patient of S`hvitra should be administered S`hodhana therapy, mainly Vamana, Virechana after adequate and appropriate Snehana therapy.
  • The affected portion should be exposed to sunlight.

Aavasthika Chikitsaa:

S`hvitra Sphot`ayukta

  • S`hvitra Sphot`ayukta occurring as a result of treatment, over the patches of S`hvitra should be punctured with the help of a thorn so as to remove the exudates. After the exudates have been removed, the patient should be subjected to Stramsana (mild purgation) with various formulations.
  • In some cases, patients suffering from S`hvitra who are free from the effects of their sinful acts in the past get cured by the administration of S`hodhana therapy, Rakta mokshan`a and intake of unctuous / dry foods.

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